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Bissell Proheat Steam Vacuum 9200X Series Front Nozzle Genuine Part # 2037649


  • Fits ProHeat 2X Cleaner models: 8920, 8930, 8960, 9200. 9300, 9400, 9500, 66Q4, 66Q42, 73A5, and 8930M

Bissell Pro Heat Revolution 1548 Vacuum Cleaner Water Tank # 1610043, Clear


  • for Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Water Tank # 1610043

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  • 1 Flat & 1 Geared Belt – 2 Pack Bissell

Bissell Brush Roll Assembly ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro | 1611133


  • Brand new Bissell 2X Revolution Pet Pro ProHeat Brush Roll Assembly, 1611133.
  • Fits Models: 1986, 1964, 19862, 19863, 1986R, 1986V, 2007, 20078, 2007F, 2007G, 2007H, 2007Q, 20074, 20073, 20076, 2007P, 2283, 22839, 22837

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Bissell PROHeat Belt Accessory Pack, 6960W


  • Includes 2 belts
  • Deep Cleaner Models: ProHeat 8910/7901/7920/7950 Series ProHeat 25A3 Series PowerSteamer 1694W/1697/8805/8806 series PowerSteamer/PowerLifter 1370/1622/1623 Series
  • Works with Model #s: 1697 series, 1698 series, 1699 series, 8804 series, 8905 series, 8910 series, 7920 series, 7901 series, 7950 series, 1370 series, 1622 series, 1623 series, 25A3 series
  • When do I replace the belt? If the vacuum is not cleaning as well as it had before or the brush roll has stopped turning, you may have to change the belt. To change the belt, please refer to your models user guide for installation instructions.

Replacement Part For Bissell ProHeat 1606433,160-6433, 2X R Fits 1548, 15482, 15483 Pet Nozzle Clean Out Tool


  • Works with: ProHeat Pro-Tech Upright Carpet Cleaner 7920, ProHeat Upright Carpet Cleaner 25A3W, and 25A3R

Bissell Proheat 2x Pro Heat 3″ Brush Tough Stain Tool Attachment


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    Bissell ProHeat 2X Bottom Tank


      OEM Bissell 1548 ProHeat 2X Revolution Brushroll 1606431


      • OEM 1606431 / 160-6431, not a generic part.
      • Bissell Brush-6 Row, Includes Brush, Axle, Swivel Arms
      • Fits Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Models 1548, 15482, 15483, 1548L, 1548P, 1548R, 1548T, 1550, 15503, 15508, 1551, 15501, 15504, 15505, 15506, 15507, 15481

      (2) Belt Sets for Bissell ProHeat 2X (203-6688 & 2


      • Package of (2) belt sets for Bissell ProHeat 2X models.
      • (2) Bissell 203-6688 belts (smaller belt).
      • (2) Bissell 203-6804 belts (larger belt).
      • WILL ONLY FIT standard Proheat 2X models that use the 203-6688 and 203-6804 belts.
      • WILL NOT FIT Proheat 2X Revolution, Proheat 2X Premire, and Proheat 2X DeepClean Premier series models.

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