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Tattoo Pigment Makeup Electric Ink Mixer Eyebrow Color Supply Tool Agitator Machine 100 Mixing Sticks Set


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Can be used for tattoo Eyebrow ink
  • Robust motor for thorough mixing
  • Comes with 100 disposable mixing sticks
  • 2x “AA” Battery (NOT included) Operated

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When you buy a product, what do you look for? The price? The brand? The design? In some cases, the country of origin may also be a factor. But what about the quality of the product? Is that something you consider when making your purchase decision?

In many cases, people opting for cheaper products believe they are getting the same quality as those products that are more expensive. However, this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes those cheaper products are of lower quality than the more expensive ones. So how can you be sure you’re getting a good quality product without spending a fortune?

Tattoo Ink Mixer Electric Pigment Makeup Eyebrow Nail Polish Mixer Color Machine Supply Tool Watercolor Ink Painting Agitator Blender with 100PCS Mixing Sticks Set(Rose)


  • 1.MULTIPURPOSE-This electric tattoo pigment mixer can be used for tattoo ink,watercolor Ink,painting pigment,microblading supply tool ect.
  • 2.MIXED PIGMENT – The electric tattoo pigment mixer machine designed for dipping and stirring tattoo pigment,makes it blend pigment colours quickly and easily.Can effectively prevent the pigment from long time precipitation for stability and good mix effect.
  • 3.EASY AND SIMPLE TO HANDLE – Hold down the switch button, the electric ink pigment mixer will be mixed quickly and get a very amazing mixing effect.Our ink mixer can prevent tattoo ink/pigment depositing effectively. It’s definitely a practical tool to mix tattoo ink or others.
  • 4.HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – The tattoo ink mixer machine is made with high quality plastic material, which is lightweight and uneasy to break.It comes with 100 disposable mixing sticks which are sanitary and cost effective. Need a longer stick? Combine 2 or more mixing sticks by attaching them together to make a super long mixer.
  • 5.POWER – Our tattoo pigment mixer machine 2 AA 1.5V batteries are need. (not included in the package).And there is a strip bar control button on the head of machine. Single button easy operation.Lightweight and portable, small size for easy carry, convenient and practical to use.

Semme 10 Colors Tattoo Ink Body Paint Microblading Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Tattoo Ink Set


  • Vivid and bright colors, can be washed if get onto clothes
  • No harm and no stimulations to skin, friendly to customers
  • Non-toxin formula, safe and easy to use
  • Long-lasting colors, can be lasted for many years
  • Perfectly suitable for starters or masters

Best Value {title} Products According to Hundreds of Reviews

A lot of people like to focus on the disadvantages of products. It’s perfect for people who want to be able to get their work done efficiently. You should look at the eyebrow tattoo ink set products design so you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go!

If that wasn’t enough, our product is also durable. This means that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste when you buy this product. That’s why I’m here to show you all the top eyebrow tattoo ink set products and compare the features in one post.

And eyebrow tattoo ink set products features are in the list of every product box. you can check and compare. We all know that feeling when you buy something and it’s not as good as you thought, or worse still-you spend a lot of money on something only to find out there’s an even better product. All the advantages of eyebrow tattoo ink set products are in this post.

300Pcs/Set Tattoo Ink Pigment Cup, Disposable Silicone Eyebrow Lip Eyes Tattoo Pigment Cup, Tattoo Ink Cap for Tattoo Machine Accessories(blue)


  • Food grade silicone material, processed under the condition of 4000 degree Celsius, non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Soft silicone material, soft and elastic, do not hurt the needle during tattooing, reasonable design.
  • Disposable use, easy to use and clean, suitable for professional tattoo salon, can be used for eyebrow, lip and eye tattoo.
  • Transparent plastic packaging, neat storage and easy to carry, 300 pieces in large quantity to meet your requirement
  • Bottom with suction cup, can be firmly attached to the desktop, wonderful and practical tattoo supply.

Permanent Makeup Pigement for Eyebrows Eyeliner 7 Colors Tattoo Ink Microblading Supplies for PMU Machine No Mixing Pigment Set for Professional Tattoo Kits Beauty Supplies (7 Bottles) 0.17oz Each


  • MICROBLADING PIGMENT – Professional eyebrow pigment set with 7 colors, 5ml/ bottle. Dark Coffee , Brown Coffee, Grey Coffee, Cheshut Brown, Grey color, Dark Brown, Thick Brown. This cool ink with warm undertones can be used for eyebrows or for eyeliner.
  • PREMIUM PIGMENTS – Excellent quality which gives perfect eyebrow microblading brows color. Pigment color that is stable and your results will not fade to different colors, only lighter versions of the original color.They set the most perfect standard for cosmetic tattoo inks for flawless makeup art that won’t leave you disappointed.
  • LONG-LASTING COLOR RETENTION – What you see is what you get. Expect 90% retention after the first treatment with proper technique and aftercare
  • NO MIXING REQUIRED – Unlike other pigments, Ybeauty microblading pigments are easy to use and do not required to be mixed before use. However, you may mix our colors to achieve a more desirable color of your choice. To achieve a more desirable consistency and color.
  • Each bottle has a separate stopper to ensure quality and has been sterilized to the highest standards. make the body color bright. Safe and easy to use, long service life.

Choosing the right eyebrow tattoo ink set product to purchase without worry

Hey there! Have you ever wondered what to buy? It can be difficult to know which product is the right one for you. Today I’m going to tell you how to find a product that’s perfect for you.

What do you think of when it comes to purchasing a product? Do you go for the most expensive and best quality, or do you look for something that is more affordable and just as good?  This blog post will also help determine which type of customer you are.

You are looking for a product to buy. You have many choices, but you don’t want to make the wrong decision. What do you do? If you turn to your friends and family for advice, they will likely give you their personal opinion on what product is best for them or what products they think might work well with yours. 

5ML Tattoo Ink Set, 10 Colors Professional Ink Set, Safe Tattoo Ink Body Paint Microblading Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Tattoo Ink Set for Starters or Masters


    Eyebrow Microblading kit Anself Eyebrow Permanent Tattoo Practice Kit Microblading Set Manual Eyebrow Pen Needle Pigment Ink Practise Skin Tool


    • PRACTICE KIT— High quality professional eyebrow tattoo set for your choice. Include accessories like practice skins, eyebrow pen, pencil, pigment ink and finger rings. Perfect Makeup tools for symmetrical brow guide to center brows tattoo stylists and eyebrow makeup beginners.
    • EYEBROW TATTOO BLADES— Disposable design & individual pack, needles for single use only, hygiene and convenient.
    • MICROBLADING PEN— Anti-skid design, stainless steel head has excellent stability and low vibration. Cross-mouth design can lock blade firmly to maintain long-term use. This set is durable enough for long time use.
    • EYEBROW RULER— Ruler is easy and convenient to measure and locate eyebrows. Soft and reusable. Help to get a pair of symmetrical brows. Perfect makeup tools for tattoos stylists and eyebrow makeup beginners.
    • SUITABLE PEOPLE— Suitable for professional eyebrow tattoo or learner practice. Great tattooing set to make your eyebrow line more beautiful.

    10Pcs Tattoo ink set, Tattoo Ink, 15ml/Bottle Eyebrow Lip Eyeliner Tattoo Colors Pigment Permanent Pigment Ink Makeup Tool(D)


    • Tattoo ink is a professional tattoo pigment color, strong and vivid color, uniform color, durable tattoo ink, difficult to replace, reliable, rich color tone to keep it for a long time after use.
    • Each color is bright and vibrant, with small molecules, fast dyeing, no discoloration, and high stability. You can customize colors and create more colors to create a more unique tattoo pattern that emphasizes unique temperament and personality.
    • bright tattoo ink sets, These permanent tattoo pigments are used for eyebrows, lips, and eyeliners, and are suitable for people who need to shape a permanent facial appearance. It is also friendly to your customers, without damage or irritating skin. Non-toxic formula, safe and easy to use.
    • Safety ink: Use organic technology to add color to your skin. It looks natural. This tattoo ink set is perfect for beginners or masters. No damage, no irritation, friendly to the skin.
    • Applicable position: wrist, finger, tiger mouth, neck, ears, ankles, etc. Suitable for professional tattoo shops and personal use. Colorful, tattoos are more vivid and attractive.

    If you’re looking for the perfect eyebrow tattoo ink set product, keep reading!

    Do any specific functions stand out in your mind? When you’re looking for a product to buy, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting the best quality and the best functions.

    I know you have been looking for a eyebrow tattoo ink set product with the best functions and so have I! Well after you read this blog post it will be clear to you which one is the best. 

    We can help with whatever is on your list and our team will take care of every detail.

    We will give you our top list of features that make these eyebrow tattoo ink set products the best ones on the market right now.

    In order to find the perfect eyebrow tattoo ink set product, you need to know what functions it will serve. You can also see some reviews from customers who have bought one of our recommended products here!

    Permanent Make-up Pigment, Brow Ink Color Set for Eyebrows, Professional Medical-Grade Tattoo Ink, Works with Permanent Machine&Microblading, 5 ml (Set Of 7) by Biocutem 0.17oz


      Eyebrow Microblading kit, Atomus Eyebrow Micro Needling Pen Set with Pigment Ink Cups Holder 14pin Blades Plastic Wraps Practice Skin Pencil for Eyebrow Tattoo Permanent Makeup (#01)


      • ★ Practice Kit: This eyebrow microblading kit contains various eyebrow tattoo tools–1pc microblading pen, 1pc microblading pencil, 2pcs eyebrow tattoo practice skin, 1pc dark coffee pigment, 5pcs ring ink cups, 5pcs 14pin blades, 1pc eyebrow ruler. The dark coffee ink is for practice skin only, please kindly note that.
      • ★ Microblading Pen: Anti-skid design, stainless steel head has excellent stability and low vibration. Cross-mouth design can lock blade firmly to maintain long-term use.
      • ★ Eyebrow Tattoo Blades: 5pcs 14pin needles are made of sterilized medical grade stainless steel, safer to use. Disposable design & individual pack, for single use only.
      • ★ Practice Skin & Eyebrow Ruler: The 2pcs eyebrow practice sheets are made of high-quality silicone, non-toxic. Flexible and has a similar feel as human skin. Thick enough for double sided usage. Ruler is easy and convenient to measure and locate eyebrows. Soft and reusable. Help to get a pair of symmetrical brows. Perfect makeup tools for tattoos stylists and eyebrow makeup beginners.
      • ★ Brand Introduction: ATOMUS focuses on the design, manufacture and sale of tattoo products, eyebrow tattoo products, makeup tools and personal care products. If you are interested in our products and want to buy in bulk, please contact us directly, we will give you a nice discount. If you have any questions about the product,please contact us directly.

      We hope our list of the best eyebrow tattoo ink set products for you was helpful and informative. This post was written because we wanted to share experiences from other people like us. We’ve provided a few options to help you find the best product for your needs. Which one will you choose? Why not try them all and see what suits you best!

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